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“Wild land”: The story through the eyes of the heroes – Stormy developments in the next episodes


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Blackmail and threats are in the foreground. Confrontations without end but also beautiful moments that illuminate the dark sides of the heroes. In the new episodes from Monday 12 to Friday 16 December every day at 18.50, on SKAI the heroes of the series “Wild Land”are facing decisive developments.

THE Olga (Z. Doukas) is afraid of Christos (I. Svitailos) and asks for the help of Aris (S. Michael). When she learns about his relationship with Elpida (P. Vitetzaki), she resents it and puts her in a difficult position in front of her son. Aris, in a touching atmosphere, meets Myrto’s mother (M. Zorba) for the first time after 28 years.

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THE Stephanos, blinded by his jealousy of Elpida, continues the feud with Vlassis (I. Papamatthaiu) but also opens a new front with Olga. When he finds out about Aris and Elpida’s relationship, he takes refuge in the arms of Katerina (A.M. Iliadou), but he deeply hurts her.

THE Manos (Th. Patriarch), after his successful intervention abroad, announces the good news to everyone and returns to Greece, having regained his sight. The return brings him even closer to true love.

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THE George (O. Giovas), after learning Nadia’s past (A. Andreovich) asks her to divorce. She, devastated, finds solace in her friend, Mano.

THE Vlassis he blackmails everyone to extract money, and kidnaps Rosa (L. Matsangou) with unexpected consequences. His movements backfire and he goes from being an aggressor to a victim, as he becomes a hostage of Stefanos. A collateral loss is Filio (N. Vlavianou), who puts her life in danger to help Vlassis.

In the meantime, Alexis (G. Koskorellos) who learned the truth about his biological father and Katerina, hurt and betrayed by Stefanos, decide to leave Agria Plagia

Revelations and stormy developments next week from Monday 12 to Friday 16 December at 18.50, on “Agria Gi”, on SKAI.

Olga Griva: “I knew betrayal. Then I decided to never be the victim again!..”

Aris Markou: “Family, property, homeland! He took everything from me!..”

Elpida Griva: “From a young age I knew the hard side of life. And that filled me with rage!..”


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