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Emily Ratajkowski: Therapy helped me deal with my fear of abandonment


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This year the famous model separated from her husband Bear-McClard

Famous model Emily Ratajkowski spoke openly about her experience in psychotherapy, explaining at the same time how much it helped her in trying to deal with the problems of anxiety, rejection and abandonment.

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THE Emily a few months ago she announced on social media and in interviews her divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard, after the American actor allegedly cheated on her.

“I’ve been doing psychotherapy for quite some time,” she said on the High Low podcast. “Being anxious means you really don’t want to be alone or alone. You usually have a negative self-esteem and a distorted image of yourself and a positive view of everyone else. You often look for approval, support, response from your partner. For me, psychotherapy was a revelation. I learned to be independent and get to the root of fear. To not be afraid of abandonment,” added the famous model.

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In an interview on the “Today” show in November, Emily Ratajkowski explained why she didn’t choose a steady relationship in the past.

“I think it was a way for me to protect myself,” the model said. “I was walking into a really crazy industry and working in it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scary men who are also predators.”

Ever since her split from Sebastian Bear-McClard was announced, there have been rumors linking Emily with various other famous partners.

One of the rumours, which seems more reliable, is the one that links her to him Pete Davidsonas the pair were spotted together in New York and then watched a New York Knicks vs. Memphis Grizzlies NBA game together.

Pitt has previously dated Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande. Now, the two seem to be trying to overcome their splits through their relationship.

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