Recognize? Pabllo Vittar gets a nose job and reassures fans: ‘I’m fine’

Recognize?  Pabllo Vittar gets a nose job and reassures fans: ‘I’m fine’

Singer Pabllo Vittar, 28, decided to end 2021 with a new look. She had a rhinoplasty, a nose job, but said she’s fine. “I’m fine, guys. Just slyly, but give me affection,” she posted in her Stories.

Afterwards, she decided to speak to the public and gave more details. “I wanted to give a touch up on the rhinoplasty I had done three years ago. And if I want and I can…”, he said. Pabllo revealed that he also had a chin procedure.

She can only drink liquids for some time and is full of spots in her mouth. “The surgery was easy, I’ve wanted to have it since January, I don’t feel pain or anything. I breathe a little through my nose and a little through my mouth,” he said. Among the famous people who echoed the news was Anitta. “I love a little intervention”, he joked.

Pabllo is celebrating five years of his career. In an interview with F5, said that in “I Am Pabllo”, which premiered on Tuesday (14) and aired on TNT and simultaneously on the paid channel’s YouTube channel and the singer, the main hits and the trajectory that led her to be one of the drag queens will be revisited most influential in the world.

“I dare say that in Brazil no one has done anything like that”, evaluates the singer during a chat with the press last week to publicize the project. “And he won’t do it anytime soon, because it took a lot of effort.”

“It took months of rehearsals, training my voice, my body and my health to cope,” he says. “This is a project that made me very happy this whole year, because I had been out of action for a long time, due to the pandemic, and I made a lot of efforts.”

There is also a clear and open visual influence from the k-pop genre (South Korean pop), which Pabllo says he is a big fan. The idea of ​​the presentation, even, came while she watched the first live of the band Blackpink, known by fans as “The Show”.

In “I Am Pabllo”, in addition to the live band and backing vocals, there will be 20 dancers on stage. “When I started rehearsing the choreographies, I looked at Flávio [Verne, coreógrafo] and he said: ‘Faggot, you’re going to kill me! I have to sing’. And he said: ‘You’ll handle it’.”


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