Monark made Flow lose BRL 8 million after a sentence about Nazism


Monark’s partner on the Flow Podcast, Igor 3K revealed that he lost more than R$ 8 million after the controversial speech by his then bench colleague about the existence of a Nazi party. At the time, he left the program because of it.

The Flow company, at that moment, saw several sponsorship contracts go away. “In addition, we lost another R$ 8 million in agreements that were on the way and were canceled. Our revenue was zero and we had a payroll of 90 people”, he said in an interview with GQ magazine.

According to Igor, “there came a time when we breathed on machines”. With time and the return of trust from publicists, the podcast began to return financially. “A couple of months ago, we stopped making a loss. We had a goal for this second half of revenue of R$ 6 million, and we achieved it.”

It was in February that Monark was dropped from the channel. Flow Studios also released a note apologizing, “especially to the Jewish community”, and informing about the removal of the air of the episode in which the youtuber said that he thought that “the Nazi had to have the Nazi party recognized by law”.

After the shutdown, Monark created his own podcast on another platform and returned to polemic on the subject. He stated in an interview with the Cara a Tapa podcast that he regretted having apologized for the case.

“It wasn’t smart of me to apologize. I think I should have kept quiet. The problem with when you apologize is that you validate the narrative that you did what they were accusing you of, even if it wasn’t true,” he said.

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