The judicial cordon tightens for Kaili in Greece as well – Georgi’s attempt to save her


The Italian partner of the former vice-president of the European Parliament allegedly admitted his participation in an organization that had contacts with Qatar and Morocco, with the aim of interfering in European affairs

All of Eva Kaili’s financial activities in Greece are being searched by the authorities, following an order from the financial prosecutor’s office and on the occasion of the involvement of her name in the scandal Qatargate.

The Greek authorities requested cooperation from the corresponding Belgian authorities investigating the case, so that they have full knowledge of the situation and the data so far.

The investigation in Greece will focus on the points concerning the acquisition of assets by the MEP in our country, as well as the economic activity she had.

Already, since the beginning of the week, as soon as the scandal broke out, the Anti-Money Laundering Authority has made a generalized seizure of every asset of Eva Kaili, her partner and her immediate relatives, while a thorough check is being carried out on all credit institutions for finding and investigating accounts, movements, safe deposit boxes or other financial products, but also in land registry offices for real estate, etc.

Georgie took full responsibility – ‘Eva didn’t know’

At the same time, her partner Francesco Giorgi is reportedly taking full responsibility for the cash found in the couple’s home, saying the former vice-president of the European Parliament had no knowledge of his actions.

According to media in Belgium, Giorgi admitted that he was a member of an organization that had behind-the-scenes contacts with both Qatar and Morocco, with the aim of interfering in European affairs for their benefit.

Eva Caili’s Italian partner is also reported to have also confirmed that former Italian MEP (Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats – S&D) Pier Antoni Panzeri (pictured below right), is indeed the head of the ring.

Also according to La Repubblica, Giorgi confessed to the corruption case, but defended Eva Kaili, asking the Belgian authorities to let her go: free. “He must be with our daughter,” he said, according to the newspaper. It has nothing to do with the case, he insisted.

The Italian allegedly implicates two more active MEPs who belong to the group of European Socialists: the Belgian Mark Tarabella, whose house was searched by the Belgian police in the presence of the President of the European Parliament herself, and the Italian Andrea Cozzolino, in which F. Giorgi worked as an assistant. MEP Tarabella denies all accusations.

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