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William and Kate: And yet the custody of their children does not belong to them


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Yes, you read that right in our title. Strange as it may sound to us, Prince William and Kate Middleton may have completed their family happiness by having their three children; however, the couple typically do not have custody of them. Let’s take the things from the beginning.

The issue of guardianship is subject to a royal law dating back about 300 years and based on this the guardian of the grandchildren is the king. This rule was started – as the historian Marlene Koenig explains – by King George in 1717, who did not have a good relationship with his son and considered it best to have custody of his grandchildren himself. The law passed in 1717 and was applied again in 1772, but since then it has not changed… with the result that until today the custody of the royal grandchildren passes to the king. This ideology explains the fact that when Prince Charles and Diana decided to follow separate paths, the issue of guardianship was never raised and the children, Prince William and Prince Harry, were left with their father without any objection.

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Today, however, things are not clear as the throne is held by the great-aunt of George, Louis and Charlotte… and nowhere is the queen’s great-grandmother’s right to custody of her great-grandchildren mentioned. Of course, under the law, guardianship automatically passes to Prince Charles – when he takes the throne. But to be realistic, although the law still exists, we do not believe that when Prince Charles takes over the kingdom of England he intends to take care of the grandchildren. But only time will tell what will happen.


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