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Zodiac signs today, Wednesday, January 4, 2023


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If you have taken care to put your personal and professional life in order, today you will find that many things work automatically and you will not be long in reaping the successes of your efforts. However, you have not yet succeeded in accomplishing what you seek, and this creates tension for you. You should show patience and persistence in your efforts.

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The planetary setting will have plenty of action and mobility. Your emotions trade, one with the other. You should be flexible and adaptable to the demands of the day. Delays at work and urgent obligations will throw you out of your schedule today. Emotionally, the tension will spoil your mood.

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The day is good and you can deal with your social life. You clear up a lot of things from the past in the professional and emotional areas. Forget your selfishness even for a moment and do your best to fulfill your loved one’s wishes.


Invest quality time in your loved ones and the balance will soon be restored. Your intuition has sounded the alarm and you feel that you must also pay attention to your shadow. Don’t act mindlessly and keep your eyes open… Don’t burden yourself with obligations that you know you won’t be able to easily handle.


Courage and boldness lead you to bold activities, to change some situation that you see cannot continue. Your planetary setting is filled with impatience, as you are constantly thinking about your personal desires and less about your work. Be careful to avoid accidents!


You must avoid experimenting with your emotions at all costs today! Avoid flirting with people you’ve just met, because they won’t do you any good… Also, don’t spend your savings on luxury items or expensive electronic equipment. The risk of physical injury increases in the afternoon!


You may face several problems during the day, related to minor issues in your work and life. There is a possibility today that many problems can be successfully solved if you are not absorbed by the problems of others. As far as your personal life is concerned, you may be disappointed by the results of your various relationships.


The day is fertile for new ideas that over time will form the basis on which you will build the future of your career. Late at night try not to displease any of your relatives. Avoid misunderstandings and gently express your feelings to your partner.


You possess intense creativity, passion and a high artistic mood. But do not go beyond measure and moderate your impetuosity as much as you can, so that there is duration in what you love. Also remove from your life what you feel is not worth keeping and focus on the benefits.


Do not let material possessions determine your attitude, behavior and future planning, because beyond the material there is also the spirit that you are trying to put aside… No doubt you have achieved a lot lately and you are rightly proud, but you can achieve much more if you take a little more care of your spiritual world as well.


Demands and desires distinguished by exaggeration, the day will bring today! Find a job that will bring out all your hidden dynamism. Control your anger as much as possible. There will be an uplift in morale after a phone call, a visit or an appointment. However, you should avoid targets without substantial countermeasures.


You may need the support of your own people today. An issue related to personal problems or difficulties of a personal nature will concern you seriously. The second half of the day is expected to be much calmer. Take the time to get rid of anything unnecessary from your space and make room for the new. Also take care of your diet.

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