Survivor ALL STAR: Vassalos does not want to be in the same team as Valavani – Martikas in love wants Andriotou near him


“Even if we’re in different teams, I’ll still be by her side,” said the smitten Spyros Martikas to “Our Breakfast”

Time is now counting down for the “Survivor All Star”which will premiere on Sunday, January 8 at 21:00 on .

The best players of all seasons are already in Santo Domingo and “Our Breakfast” and Fay Scorda all these days give rich reports about the game.

One of the couples that seems to concern us again this year is Eurydice Valavani and Konstantinos Vassalos. Although the couple, according to rumors, are no longer together, as Konstantinos Vassalos mentioned, he would not want to be in the same team as Eurydiki. “I want to avoid tensions in general. To have clear thinking and a clear mind. Let there not be the slightest suspicion about the vote, that there is an alliance,” Konstantinos said.

On the other hand, Eurydice, when asked about the same issue, spontaneously answered that she would like to be in the same group as Konstantinos. “Who am I to complain to? With the eyes we can understand each other”, said Eurydice jokingly.

And the couple in love Spyros Martikas and Vrisida Andriotou are located in Agios Dominicos, which is also expected to concern us in the near future. “Even if we’re in different teams, I’ll be by her side again,” said the smitten Spyros Martikas on “Our Breakfast”, tenderly kissing Vrisida Andriotou. In fact, Briseida, shortly before they left for Agios Dominicos, revealed that they had massages and that they had been putting it in the food for ten days.

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