‘I found some things unnecessary, but I apologize to everyone’, says Orochi


After police raided his home and found a gun and drugs, rapper Orochi took to social media to vent. According to him, part of the operation would have been “unnecessary”. He also defended himself by reinforcing that the weapon found was legal.

“I thought some things were unnecessary, but I apologize to everyone, to all the ‘lessening'”, he said. “I get tired of seeing [gente] post photo with gun, collectors, politicians. But I don’t see [essas pessoas] having a home invaded, search and seizure, getting into a car, being driven, spending ten hours at the police station unfolding”, he added.

According to Orochi, the 12-gauge gun was in the possession of a security guard to protect him from any assault, as the musician wore a gold cord valued at R$500,000 on the beach.

“Since the weapon was legal, it was within the law, it was without ammunition, it was the security guard who was taking the jewel home and everything was within the law. But the kids, the broadcasters, everyone preferred to put it as an association with the crime. Do you think that this does not have a pre-judgment?”, he said.

According to the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, agents from the Police Station Specialized in Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives (Disarm) served on Wednesday (4) a search and seizure warrant against the rap singer. The action was motivated by a video posted on the musician’s social networks in which a man danced with a long gun.


This isn’t the first time the rapper has been involved in a police case. In March 2019, Orochi was detained in the Lagos Region of Rio de Janeiro. According to the 125th DP, he was booked for the crime of using drugs for his own consumption and for contempt.

In June 2022, actor Cauã Reymond, 42, got scared while taking a walk with his daughter, Sofia, 10, his wife, Mariana Goldfarb, 32, and two more dogs through the streets of Joá, in Rio, where he lives. That’s because some pitbull dogs attacked him, and the case ended up in the police.

The dogs lived in a house that belonged to rapper Orochi. According to Cauã himself, after filing a complaint, the musician got in touch with him and everything was settled.

The following month, another case involving the musician and the police. Orochi was arrested in Niterói, in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. Military police found drugs in the singer’s BMW, who was accompanied by two women.

All were forwarded to the 78th DP (Fonseca) and released after signing a detailed term of possession of narcotics for their own consumption. On leaving the police station, Orochi was greeted by fans. Surrounded by children and teenagers, he took pictures and even recorded a video posted on Instagram stories.

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