Survivor All Star: Premiere tomorrow at 21:00 – What we will see in the first episodes


“Survivor All Star” premieres tomorrow Sunday, January 8 at 21:00 on SKAI.

The show of SKAI, “Gia sou” revealed what we will see in the first episodes:

In more detail, we will see the players arrive in Santo Domingo and take part in a grand dinner. Then they will be divided into teams and we will have a prize match and an immunity match. Then, from the very first day we will have the first candidate to leave.

In Monday’s episode (9/1) we will watch the second immunity match, but also the council for the second candidate to leave.

Tuesday’s episode (10/1) will see the third immunity match, the third candidate council, and the phone lines will open for voting.

Ajun’s warning to players

According to the report of the “Hello” show, Ajun Ilijali warned the players that if anyone is found using a mobile phone, they will be immediately removed from the game. He also informed them that Survivor will be tougher competitively and this caused a disturbance to Pericles Kondylatos.

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