Survivor All Star: The fights and weirdness of episode 2


In the deep blue waters of Agios Dominicos, the battle for the second immunity began

Fights and some strange events were not missing from today’s episode of Survivor.

Pericles was psychologically charged as he was voted by all his teammates in the first council of the island and he was able to hold back his tears during his statements. In particular he said “I can’t live the same project all the time, I’m tired”.

Despite this, the tension of the players was relieved afterwards with gymnastics, but also with diving in the deep blue waters of Agios Dominicos.

Afterwards, Famous and Fighters met George Lianos, he explained the competition to them and the “battle” for the second immunity began.

Then the pressure returned to both teams. Karolina “sang” them to Melina during the match, Euridiki cried after her second loss, while the celebrations at every point were furious.

All this shows how much both the “red” and “blue” wanted to win. It may have been the Fighters who smiled at the end, however when they returned to the hut Takis and Vrididas disagreed very strongly.

There was a continuation of the disagreements-fights in the council of the island. Nikos Bartzis got irritated with Takis who kept throwing himself and called him “Rose No. 2”, while the confrontation between his beloved Spyros Martika and Stavroula was intense.

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