Survivor All Star: Vrisida left voluntarily – Meteor Martikas, again!


Briseis seemed to struggle from the start to find her footing in the hut and the arenas of battle.

This year’s Survivor, in addition to All Star, is also the Survivor of couples. Vrisida Andriotou and Spyros Martikas were one of these couples. But from the first moment they found themselves in different groups, which even if they expected, they definitely avoided.

Brisida seemed to struggle from the beginning to find her footing in the hut and the battle arenas and eventually made the decision to leave. Tragic figure the professor, who on the one hand wants to unfold his all star plans, and on the other hand his beloved, asked him not to take too long to leave.

Despite pleas from her teammates, she had made her decision. As Martikas mentioned, an issue with her mother worried her a lot and did not let her enjoy the game.
She thus left for the second time in a few months, again leaving her lover in the Caribbean. But this time he won’t have the anxiety about what will happen between them outside, like the first time…

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