Survivor All Star – Briseida: “If Lianos hadn’t asked me, I wouldn’t have left” – The message to Martikas


Vrisida Andriotou gave her first interview after her voluntary retirement.

Vrisida Andriotou gave her first interview after her voluntary departure from it.

As she said, her body and psychology “couldn’t stand it” as she was still very tired from last year’s participation.

“This year is much more difficult than last year, I used to wake up and couldn’t walk. and I said to myself, why are you doing this to yourself?

I didn’t want to leave Spyro, I miss him so much but when I said “yes I want to leave” I felt freed.

I would ask the children to vote me out. If Lianos hadn’t asked me at that moment if I wanted to leave, I wouldn’t have left. I decided at that moment,” said the former player.

The message to Spyros Martikas

Briseida emotionally stated that she misses Spyros and revealed what she said to him before exiting the game.

“I told Spyro as I was leaving to be careful not to lose his mind in the game and not to be late coming back because we were planning a life together and now I will be out alone.

I hope he plays as much as he wants and has a good time and I’ll be here waiting for him – whenever he’s out of the game.”

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