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BBB 23: Leader will have new powers and will be able to watch what happens in the rest of the house


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With the BBB 23 edition about to begin, the public is looking forward to the changes that the reality show has scheduled for this year. One of them is that the leader of the week will be able to watch, from his cabin, what happens in the rest of the house. And more: the winner of the proof that guarantees immunity will be able to know how many votes he has already received for the wall.

Another novelty this year will test the bargaining power of the confined. To get some kind of privilege, each participant determines how many points he wants to give in exchange for the benefit —which can be a different move or an advantage— and it will be a free-for-all for the race.

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Some other novelties of the 23rd edition of the program have already been revealed, among them that the final prize can be changed over the three months and more resistance tests or tests that require greater reasoning.

This year’s Casa de Vidro has already started, and it was the first time that the attraction started before the show’s debut. In this dynamic, a couple (a man and a woman) will be chosen by the public to join the Pipoca cast of the edition.

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Four names are in this dispute: biomedical Paula Freitas, 28, model Gabriel Tavares, 24, businesswoman Giovanna Leão, 25, and psychiatrist Manoel Vicente, 32.

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