Personalities show support for actor Ícaro Silva in a fight with Tiago Leifert


Rapper MV Bill, dancer Ingrid Silva, singer Luedji Luna and other personalities demonstrated their support for actor Ícaro Silva in the artist’s discussion with Tiago Leifert. Many of them criticized the presenter’s assertion, who suggested that the BBB’s success “paid Ícaro’s salary” at Globo

On Twitter, the teacher and content creator Levi Kaique Ferreira quipped: “I found out today that the BBB pays everything on Globo and the other programs only exist for Globo to spend the money it earns with BBB.”

The fight started after Ícaro published on Monday (20) on his social networks that he would not join Big Brother Brasil, considering the reality a “mediocre entertainment”. Leifert countered that Icarus made a gratuitous attack and was arrogant.

This Wednesday (21), the actor refuted the former BBB presenter. “Possibly you’ll never understand this, but for a black person who wants to be featured, hired or employed, he needs to be really excellent. So, there’s no way you’re paying my salary, Tiago,” wrote Icaro.

“Ahhh Ícaro, very cool to live at the same time as you. I love you… and yes, they will never understand”, commented actor Rafael Zulu in the publication. “Dinner at this hour,” wrote Luedji Luna.

“I love you so much, my beauty,” posted Lucy Ramos. “That’s about it,” said Ingrid Silva.


Amid the exchange of barbs between Ícaro Silva and Tiago Leifert, netizens recalled the moment when the presenter Fausto Silva criticized the reality show Big Brother Brasil (Globo) live on the network, in Domingão do Faustão.

In 2017, after a performance by the actor Ícaro Silva in the Show dos Famosos painting, Faustão commented on the difficulty of achieving success in his artistic career. He then criticized the use of the BBB as a tool for social mobility.

“Brazil’s social and economic ascent is through fucking Big Brother, through a reality show contest, so nobody wants to study and work,” complained the presenter.

“When Faustão, Globo’s highest salary, said that there was a text by Tiago?”, asked Leandro Ramos, actor and screenwriter for TV Quasi and a member of the cast of Choque de Cultura. “Why is it only when the young black actor speaks that he loses sleep? Coincidence?”, he asked. At the time, Tiago Leifert was in his first year as a presenter at the BBB.


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