Kondylatos: “When I saw the team I understood that I won’t stay long…” – The “nails” in Asimakopoulos


Jewelery designer gives first interview since leaving and talks about ‘cliques’ in the game

The “famous” Perikis Kondylatos left the island yesterday, after being nominated together with Kostas Anagnostopoulos, Giorgos Asimakopoulos and Kostas Papadopoulos, whom the television audience kept in Agios Dominicos.

The jewelry designer gave the first interview after his departure exclusively to “Our Morning” and talked about the “cliques” and Asimakopoulos who – as he said – “betrayed him gracefully”.

I expected to leave because when the groups were formed I saw that there were sub-groups from other years and I didn’t have someone of my own, I wasn’t in the Amigos, so I was the easiest vote” said Periklis.

“When I said yes to All Star, I thought there would be many players like me, not athletes. As the proceedings progressed and I watched the players I knew it would be for a while but not for how long. When I saw who we are in the team – this is what we said with Vrisida – I understood that I will not stay long in the game”, he emphasized.

He then spoke about the cliques within the team and about Giorgos Asimakopoulos who, as he said, “betrayed me cutely and hurt me a lot”.

“George has hurt me a lot… we don’t forget friendships like that or throw people away when we don’t need them anymore. I don’t want to say what I have done for George and how much I have tried for George, but he betrayed me gracefully.”

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