The French were jealous: They are preparing a household basket – What the French Ministry of Finance revealed in a TV show


The basket will consist of 20 essential products – food and personal hygiene items

Guest on the BFMTV TV show, the Minister of Economy of France Bruno Le Maire confirmed that his Ministry is exploring ways to make available to consumers a basket consisting of 20 essential products that will be sold at the lowest possible price.

This measure is an anti-inflation measure, as revealed yesterday in Le Parisien and confirmed by the Minister himself on the television station BFMTV: “The basic idea is that we should all contribute to the fight against inflation. The state cannot pay for everything. It is a “burden” that we should share. The same happened with energy prices. We said 280 euros per megawatt hour for all small businesses, the state will take over one part, and the suppliers another.” Underscoring the value of the participation of all agencies in dealing with inflation, he said: “Equality means that we all share the burden of inflation.”

The basket will consist of 20 essential products – food and personal hygiene items – with suppliers securing the lowest possible prices for the products in question to compensate for the inflationary shock. The Minister underlined, after all, that the high prices of food products could last for months. Asked why this solution is preferred in relation to the abolition of VAT, the Minister emphasized that the ultimate goal is to benefit the final consumer. “Who guarantees me that if I abolish the VAT, the difference will not go into the pockets of the suppliers?”, asked the Minister.

The French government emphasizes that the measure in question is at the stage of negotiations and maintains that its implementation will depend on the suppliers’ commitments.

The “Household Basket” initiative has already been implemented in Greece since November 2022, and according to the statistics of the Ministry of Development, one in two consumers who enter the supermarket buy several products from the “basket”.

In fact, according to the Minister of Development himself A. Georgiadis there are “many complaints from supermarkets that now the basket costs them a lot of money because, precisely because it has increased their share of turnover to a very large extent, if they did not sell at basket prices but at normal prices, they would have a very significant difference in their turnover”.

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