Britney Spears speaks after fight with husband: ‘Nobody cares what I do!

Britney Spears speaks after fight with husband: ‘Nobody cares what I do!

Britney Spears, 41, returned to the subject of social networks this weekend after the repercussion of a video in which she appears, supposedly, fighting with her husband, Sam Asghari, in a restaurant in the United States. In the images, the singer tries to hide behind the menu when she realizes that she is being filmed by locals.

Hours later, she still made a video dancing and making obscene gestures to the camera to the sound of “I Touch Myself”, by the band Divinyl. The scene worried fans of the pop diva. Early this Monday (16), Britney commented that she feels watched. She also said that she notices people around her paying attention to her every move, waiting to pounce on her and assumed she was “a little drunk” during dinner with Asghari.

“I know the news is ‘blowing’ about me being a little drunk at the restaurant. It’s like everyone is watching my every move! I’m so flattered that they talk about me as a maniac, and then have the nerve to talk about all things negative things that happened in my past,” wrote the singer.

She went on to complain: “I know everyone is rooting for me, and make sure you see the pictures that came out of me where I look like Shrek. I thought, ‘wow, this is horrible’, but there were still two pictures where I looked normal. Nobody cares what I do anyway!”

Since the beginning of November 2021, she has been free from the guardianship of her father James P. Spears, after 13 years of control over her life, career and finances.

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