Survivor All Star: Vassalo’s hair, the joy of the “Blue” and the difficulties of the “Red” – Watch video


The Fighters fought tooth and nail to get the win and they did it thanks to Ilias Gotsis

Living in Santo Domingo can be tough, but players never miss a chance to have fun. The Fighters they fought tooth and nail to win and they succeeded thanks to Ilias Gotsis.

After their triumph the “Blue” they decided it was time to treat themselves. So Marialena Roumeliotis and Evi Saltaferidou created a natural beauty mask from mud and placed it on their body and hair. Constantinos Vassalos also received this particular “treatment”, and the girls took care of him even more.

While the Fighters were full of joy and optimism, in the opposing camp things were very difficult as several players of the Famous they were not feeling well because of hunger. Katerina Dalaka in particular cannot stop coughing, while in the previous days she also developed a fever. The only thing that is certain is that many surprises and big twists are expected in All Star Survivor.

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