Pabllo Vittar pleases as needy celebrity in Porta dos Fundos video

Pabllo Vittar pleases as needy celebrity in Porta dos Fundos video

Singer Pabllo Vittar showed her acting skills on video for the Porta dos Fundos channel published this Thursday (23). At his side was Macla Tenório, winner of the reality show “Futuro Ex-Porta” who made her debut as an official member of the cast.

In the sketch, the artist, playing herself, meets a fan, Bia (Macla Tenório) in the lobby of a luxury hotel. Bia asks to take a picture with Pabllo, but to her surprise, the one who has many favors to ask is the celebrity herself.

“Oh, Bia, sit here, let’s talk,” calls the drag queen. The fan tries to explain that she needs to leave for work, but Pabllo appeals to emotional blackmail: “Aren’t you my fan?”

Pabllo even asks the stranger to take care of his father, in addition to trying to borrow the young woman’s car, an “old Corsinha”. In a total inversion of the relationship between fan and idol, it is Bia who ends up running away from the singer.

The video has already accumulated 300 thousand views on YouTube, with 73 thousand likes. The drag queen made one of the 4,000 comments saying “HAHAHAHA I love it!”; the profile of Porta dos Fundos, good-humored, joked: “If you really loved it, make a pix? I so need it…”

Newcomer Macla Tenório was also highly praised by channel subscribers, who emphasized her spontaneity and accent. The actress is from Alagoas and, in an interview with F5, pointed out its origin as a factor for the victory in the reality show of the comedy group.

Pabllo, a native of São Luís do Maranhão, also commented on Macla’s publication announcing the episode: “Maravilhosa!!! Nordeste no topo”.


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