Eurydiki Valavani on “Our Breakfast”: I wish Vassalos will come back victorious with the cup – He did not answer if they are divorced


“Konstantinos Vassalos has a very big “package” to be the winner”, said Eurydiki Valavani in her first interview after leaving the game

The player who left “Survivor All Star” was Eurydice Valavaniwho spoke exclusively to “Our Breakfast” and the Fai Skordas, at SKAI, for this unexpected development reserved for the second Council.

Eurydiki Valavani, although she did not want to talk about personal issues and answer about her relationship with Konstantinos Vassalos, she did not hide her desire that Vassalos be the winner of the game. Essentially, Eurydice did not answer the question of whether she is with Konstantinos or whether, after all, they have separated.

As for what Konstantinos Vassalos whispered in her ear, after the announcement of her retirement from the game, she gives the answer herself: “Konstantinos told me not to cry, because I burst into tears when he hugged me. I have a lot of faith in Konstantinos and I am sure that he will go very far and it will be too late to return to Greece. Something I wish for too. To return with the cup and be the winner.”

As she said, she believes in his calmness, in the potential and strength of Konstantinos Vassalos. “He has a very big ‘package’ to be the winner. He may not have started well in terms of competition, but I’m sure he will improve.”

Eurydiki Valavani revealed that when she became a candidate, Konstantinos Vassalos tried to reassure her, telling her that everything will be fine. “It took me a while to find my footing in the game. Maybe because my mind was back in Greece or because I had the hope of being in the same team as Konstantinos, to have someone to comfort me, to encourage me. My own man, who I can talk to with his eyes,” she added.

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