Wild Land on SKAI: Elpida comes into a big conflict with Stefanos


Don’t miss today’s episode of the “Wild Land” series on SKAI.

Grigoris (N. Arvanitis) confides in Thomas (S. Tzorgzoglou) that Aris (S. Michael) is Nikolas, the brother of Stefanos (P. Skarmeas).

Antonis (X. Stylianou) learns from Rena’s (E. Asimakopoulou) parents that she never went to see them and asks for George’s (O. Tziovas) help to locate her. But near Chalkida, the body of a woman whose features resemble those of Rena will be found.

wild land

Myrto (M. Zorba) is ready to implement her plan and tell the truth about Olga (Z. Douka) in front of everyone at the press conference. Elpida (P. Vitetzaki) is furious with Stefanos for filing for divorce and announces to him that she will request sole custody of Kostis (Th. Banousis).

wild land

But Kostis expresses his desire to Stefanos that he wants to stay with him after the divorce. Orestes (K. Sommer) finds Christos (I. Svitailos) in the hotel where he is hiding. Aris is still missing.

wild land

Michalis (K. Falelakis) is very close to the tracks of Mars but a hunter will deliberately disorient him. Ares is at the hunter’s house while still dazed from the blow.

wild land

Check out the clip from today’s episode:

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