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BBB 23: Gabriel says he wanted Key as a gift before joining the BBB


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Internet users discovered a video by Gabriel Tavares implying that he wanted volleyball player Key Alves as a gift even before entering the BBB 23. In the video posted on TikTok, he jokes by listing a series of items he would like to win for Christmas showing the player with the objects.

The video rescued by internet users led many of them to insinuate that Bruna Griphao’s rancidity with her sister is because she watched the video. “Does Bruna Griphao know about this? Gabriel posted on TikTok that he wanted Key Alves as a 2021 Christmas present. Would that be the reason for Bruna’s enmity with Key?”, questioned internet user Samara Beatriz.

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Internet user Anna Paula Maia recalled that the brother wanted to change partners with the cowboy at the beginning of the reality to be chained with the player. “True! As soon as they arrived at the house in chains, Gabriel asked the cowboy if he didn’t want to change the pairs because Key is very beautiful. And Gabriel also has a video on TikTok where he asks Key Alves for a Christmas present. That is, Key didn’t lie.”

the netizen @handerbr he tweeted that he would like to see Key’s reaction to hearing about his brother’s Christmas request. “I remembered here the video of the Christmas present that Gabriel wanted, which was Key. I really wanted her reaction in this video. Someone saves to show the elimination of both”, wrote the user of the social network. “Gabriel’s rancidity for Key is because he wanted it as a Christmas present and she didn’t give it a thumbs up”, he opined. @FiveComments.

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