Luana Piovani’s mother releases indirect after discovering Scooby’s lawsuit: ‘Ingratitude is the devil’s thing’


Time closed even between Luana Piovani and Pedro Scooby. The revelation this Thursday (26) about the lawsuit that the surfer moves against the actress revolted the family and, in particular, her mother Francis Piovani. Without directly mentioning the former son-in-law, the influencer made an outburst about ingratitude and even called a “demon” the person who does not know how to be grateful to the other.

Nervous and irritated, Francis began her story in a video on Instagram saying that she had to book a relaxing massage to calm down. “I stopped to breathe a little, think about the meaning of life and see if I understand the why of things”, she began. She soon released the lyrics that many netizens pointed out as a direct message to Scooby. “I am absolutely sure that the worst characteristic of human beings is ingratitude. Whoever spit in the dish he ate is a pig. Ingratitude is the devil’s thing.”

Earlier, Luana had revealed about Scooby’s process and said that the ex attached nude photos of her in the action. The actress believes that the material is an attempt to disqualify her as a mother and woman before the jury in Portugal, where she lives with the couple’s three children: Dom, Liz and Ben. “I was shocked, how cunning, how cruel (…). And then I understood that I need to kill Pedro inside me. I was very shocked, it gave me a feeling of mourning and indignation”.

“Pedro opened a case against me and scheduled a hearing next week. He’s trying to shut me up”, reinforced Piovani. She also expressed her concern about Portuguese laws, since, according to the actress, they are very favorable to men in cases like hers. Luana even recalled a case that happened recently in that country.

“I posted a case of aggression where the judge gave the verdict that the aggressor would have to take the assaulted woman to dinner. Just so you can understand why he opened this process here. It’s easier. Women’s rights are little defended here. If, for By chance, I stop talking, you already know the reason”, he concluded.

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