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Emily Ratajkowski: Blames paparazzi for ruining her romantic dates


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The famous model does not like to know if the men she dates are with other women at the same time

Emily Ratajkowski blames the paparazzi for ruining her romantic dates. The model expressed her displeasure with photographers following her wherever she goes.

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Her love life is a rollercoaster, as the tabloid magazines write. Since she is free and beautiful and her divorce from the actor, Sebastian Bear-McClard, became official and everyone knew about it, the press does not “leave her in the lurch”. Photographers and journalists follow her every step to find out who her new lover will be.

Since then, several men have sporadically passed through life of the famous model, like Jack Greer, Eric Andre, DJ Orazio Rispo and Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande’s ex, Pete Davidson. Now the model has decided to open up about her relationships and how fame and the media have affected her love life.

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On her own podcast, ‘High Low’, Emily explained that lately she hasn’t wanted to commit to anyone and has been enjoying her occasional encounters with other men who pique her interest. “Every time I go on a date everyone knows… My chaperones see and it gets kind of hard,” she explained.

This is something that seems to bother the model, as she doesn’t like to know if the men she’s dating are dating other women at the same time. “It’s hard to deal with and the whole thing has caused me a lot of stress. At times I’ve felt ashamed and like I should apologize,” Emily Ratajkowski confessed.

Furthermore, the ‘High Low’ host explained that many of her relationships were complicated and ended up ‘fading’ due to her ‘constant being followed by the media and the paparazzi and it was putting a lot of pressure on her.

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