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Twenty years after being arrested, Belo debuts as an actor in the role of a police officer: ‘Without rancor’


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The turns the world takes. Twenty years after being arrested for association with drug trafficking, singer Belo, 48, debuts as an actor in the role… of a civil police officer who works at the police station specializing in combating narcotics.

Recordings for the series “Veronika” (Globoplay) begin in February, and Belo has been preparing himself with acting classes and labs with real-life police officers. The singer defines the period in which he was incarcerated as “a page turned”, but admits: “It was one of the worst moments of my life”.

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Stepping into a police station again and living with police officers can be a difficult experience for someone who has gone through what Belo has gone through. He does, however, swear that he’s not the type of person to hold grudges. “I don’t hold grudges, it was another moment and life goes on. [na delegacia] with your head held high, like an artist,” he declares.

The invitation for the project came from series producer José Junior, one of the founders of the NGO Afroreggae, to whom Belo is very grateful for the opportunity. His inspiration for this new career is Seu Jorge, an example of a professional who knows how to reconcile his work as a musician and an actor, with the right to international awards on both fronts.

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“He’s sensational, I want to get on that path and try to be more or less like Seu Jorge is”, assumes the romantic singer, who takes extra pride in some moments of his work routine: “I love it when people say that I’m the Roberto Carlos from the pagoda, from the favela.”

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