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Androulakis for elections: Something much bigger than a double percentage of PASOK is at stake


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“We have a duty to PASOK not to be anchored in the past and to bear the historical weight of the struggles of many generations” emphasized Nikos Androulakis

“From the first Sunday, a strong PASOK-Movement of Change to prevent the country from entering into instability, which are ready to be led by the forces of New Democracy and SYRIZA. Because the only thing they are interested in is the chair and not the public interest”, explained Mr Nikos Androulakis, in his speech to the party’s Central Committee, solemnly announcing the start of the pre-election campaign. He loudly criticized ND and SYRIZA for how they only care about the conquest of power and not about the country’s major issues. Mr. Androulakis called all executives, candidates and democratic citizens in unity to support this effort of PASOK-KINAL while at the same time committed that if this goal is achieved, from the next day he will propose an agreement on the major challenges that have the country with axis his program.

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Detailed list of Candidate MPs after the KPE Meeting

“I pledge today to every Greek man and woman that if they give us a strong mandate, a message of rebirth and perspective, we will repay them with dignity and credibility, immediately opening the next day based on our program a dialogue for a field of convergence and not a field of conflict and division. Without any bargaining power. We will fight and win the battle as a force of responsibility. As a force to restore the independence and prestige of institutions. As the initiator of a new patriotism,” said Mr. Androulakis and added that “a strong PASOK will mean a strong Greece with sustainable development, strong institutions and a just society. We owe it to the historical faction not to be anchored in the past.”

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To further emphasize the importance of strengthening PASOK-KINAL in the next national elections, Mr. Androulakis noted how “it is not at stake whether PASOK will obtain a double percentage, something much bigger is at stake” and asked the progressive citizens to take the faction into their own hands because the revival of PASOK “is not a party debt but a patriotic responsibility. To change the place page. To live again days of dignity and social justice”. “Whenever the prime minister announces the elections, you can be sure that on the night of the elections the green sun of hope and perspective will have risen,” said Nikos Androulakis to applause.

Earlier, the president of PASOK-Movement of Change spoke of a strong political and economic establishment that is fighting furiously to stop the momentum and progress of the Democratic Party with continuous methodical attacks. “Our political autonomy is our great strength. It is the great hope to build a new relationship of trust with all the Greek people. Whatever obstacles they put up, they are not going to achieve anything” observed Nikos Androulakis, while harshly criticizing ND and SYRIZA for the polarization they sought in the Parliament for the motion of no confidence.

“We heard obscenities between MPs of the two parties as well as the cynical confession of Mr. Gerapatritis: “Guilty and guilty”. We absolutely agree with your statement, Mr. Gerapetritis: Except that the sinful past of SYRIZA, the discrediting of institutions during the period of government with Kammenos, cannot be used as a pardon for the current institutional deviation of Mr. Mitsotakis! Against this contest of culprits, PASOK will fight its own values ​​to break the spiral of toxicity, which poisons political life. In order not to force the country to compromise with a future of low expectations”, the PASOK-KINAL president pointed out.

“New Democracy and SYRIZA constitute an overlapping entity duo of disdain for institutions and silencing of independent authorities and that is why New Democracy chooses him as an opponent. So, the dilemma of the next elections cannot be New Democracy or SYRIZA. It will be: Or with those who are capable of everything, as long as they exercise power even at the expense of the public interest, the institutions and the Republic. Or with those who are willing to sacrifice everything for the national interest, homeland, social peace, prosperity and respect for human rights.

“There are no equal distances from New Democracy and SYRIZA, because we are on two different shores. On one side is the side of duty and on the other side of “all for power”, Mr. Androulakis emphasized and presented the axes of a program of ten priorities that serve PASOK-KINAL’s vision for Greece in the 21st century .


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