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Theatrical performance with …open cell phones in Thessaloniki – The spectators decide on the developments on stage


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The viewer-player, with his participation, votes in each round for the one who wishes to represent the community on social media.

The recommendation “please switch off your mobile phones” will not be heard before the start of the Humanitarium theater performance in Thessaloniki, since in this context, the audience will participate in a social experiment and by using their mobile phones, they will determine the Progress of the project.

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Three people have been selected by the algorithm, through their social media activity. The performance is essentially the day they will be introduced to the community’s annual event to get to know them better. Of course, the viewers got a first “taste” of the characters earlier, since the actors, about two and a half months before the premiere, created profiles on social networks, to support the characters of the play, which have already interacted with other users.

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“It is about the Humanitarium, a …”game” in which the citizens-spectators participate, since by purchasing the ticket they download an application and through it they can change its course”, the director explains to the Athenian/Macedonian News Agency show director Thanos Nikas, who also conceived the idea.

“On stage we have three contestants and one presenter, who argue on issues related to social media. This, of course, is the “pretext”, since then the game goes into their personal lives. So from the second round onwards, we have a more … Kafkaesque environment in terms of the concept of morality and punishment,” he adds.


The viewer-player, with his participation, votes in each round for the one who wishes to represent the community on social media.

“The whole project is based on what moves and angers a person at a given moment and how this moment will lead them to choose or reject a person”, emphasizes Mr. Nikas, since after all the Humanitarium is the system that will it offers the ultimate recognition or the ultimate punishment.


While during the show the viewers vote with a “hand”, “heart” or “angry face”, in the final test – and after the presenter has revealed dark aspects of the personality of the seemingly wonderful influencers – the players are invited to … stone digitally the player, who did not convince the community, resulting in the loser being the one whose digital profile will be permanently deleted“, says the director.

“Humanitarium is an idea that has the same root as the Social Credit System “Sesame Credit”, which has been implemented in China since January 2015, where citizens are monitored in real time for their every micro-movement and the system scores them, rewarding them or by punishing them publicly”, says, for her part, the director of production and communication Stella Teneketsi.

“Practically, every citizen’s rating starts at the age of 18. If the cameras catch him helping an elderly person cross the street or saving an animal, then his rating goes up and he gets rewards as a … good citizen, which means he has possibility of free transportation within the city, does not pay a guarantee to hospitals, has more possibilities and social benefits.


On the contrary, the …bad citizen cannot get a loan from the bank, cannot travel, anyone who calls him on his cell phone first hears a recorded message stating which category of citizen he belongs to”, explains Mrs. Teneketzis.

Thanos Nikas conceived this idea during the second quarantine period and commissioned Stella Papadimitriou to translate his thoughts into text.

“Indeed, in order for all this to work, the text was written in parallel with the rehearsals, as a result of which we have the communicating vessels: Dramaturgy as directing and directing as dramaturgy”, he underlines.

In the five performances that will be given in Thessaloniki, it is possible that the spectators will choose a different winner. After all, its goal is to create a discussion among viewers about why they made that particular choice. The show, then, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, is expected to travel inside and outside of Greece.

The premiere will take place at the Aneton Theater in Thessaloniki, on February 17, at 9:30 p.m. and will be uploaded daily for the following days until February 21.

The production is by the theater group Ars Moriendi Theater Group, which with this project completes the research that began with “Phaeton” by Dimitris Dimitriadis and continued with “The Age of the Hunt”.


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