Preta Gil recalls Silvio Santos’ fatphobia and says she no longer thinks about getting pregnant


The singer Preta Gil, 48, revealed on the podcast Quem Pode, Pod that she already suffered from fatphobia from Silvio Santos backstage on his show.

“Fatphobia and all these prejudices are structural. People often thought they were being nice to me,” she began, who also recalled the use of medication at a certain time in her life.

“I went to his dressing room [Silvio], all happy, I thought he would give me a program on SBT. Then he turned to me and said: ‘I want to give you a wonderful tip’. Then he took a paper, a pen [e falou:] ‘this here is a wonderful endocrinologist doctor, that I’m going to, and look, I’ve lost weight, you’re going to be great'”, he said.

Preta, mother of Francisco, 28, also told in the chat, recorded at the end of 2022, before the diagnosis of bowel cancer, that she tried twice to have in vitro fertilization with her husband, Rodrigo Godoy.

“We did the treatment at the age of 46 and I tried twice in a row, but I can’t face another one. I was very emotionally shaken and the hormones were very heavy, I had no more disposition”, he commented.

Despite this, the artist does not rule out other ways to be a mother again. “We do not rule out this way of being a mother, but we believe that there are other ways. It is a personal and intimate process that we are still understanding. Rodrigo is Sol’s grandfather [filha de Fran Gil] and is a participatory parent. I would love for him to father our child and we haven’t exhausted all the possibilities yet.”

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