The 6 scientifically accepted ways for healthy teeth without yellow marks


Do white teeth and an impressive smile seem far away from you? “Natural white teeth definitely means healthy teeth” answers Mr. Christos Lolis, dentist – implantologist. This means that they have no caries, no pigments or damage. The only way to be sure of the health of our teeth is with a visit to the dentist who after a clinical and radiographic examination will be able to confirm it. ” For years we have been reading and listening to tips for changing our habits and homemade recipes for white teeth, but which of them are really valid and which are safe for the health of our teeth?

Quit smoking
Apart from being a harmful habit that is detrimental to overall health, smoking is also one of the main causes of yellowing of teeth associated with lifestyle. This is due to the presence of nicotine in the tobacco. But will a smoker really notice a difference in the color of his teeth as soon as he stops smoking? “Just stop smoking, no,” replies Mr. Lolis. “Bleaching should be done afterwards so that the white color returns and since one will not smoke again then the teeth will not turn yellow since smoking is known together with coffee and tea, the most important factors that yellow teeth . ”

Try whitening toothpaste
When it comes time to change your toothpaste, make sure you choose one that lists whitening as a feature. These toothpastes contain a small amount of peroxide that penetrates the pores of the teeth and achieves whitening. Brush your teeth with a whitening toothpaste twice a day, and the difference – as promised on the packaging – will be apparent in six weeks. Do Whitening Toothpastes Finally Work? we asked the specialist. “Of course they work and it would be good not to use them for a long time.” is the answer of Mr. Lolis.

Protect the enamel of your teeth
Dentin can create a yellowing sensation on the teeth and this is not something you need. On the contrary, the upper layer of the teeth, ie the enamel is white, but if the layer is thin then the dentin becomes more easily visible and the teeth look more yellow. How can this happen? If you grind your teeth while you sleep, you wear out their enamel. Even with hard brushing, the enamel can be damaged, which is why your brushing requires slow and gentle movements.

Frequent brushing with a hard toothbrush will remove stains and pigments. Apply;

The dentist replies that this is a myth. “Frequent brushing, especially after meals, is good. But the duration of this is important. It must be at least 3 minutes. Hard toothbrushes only injure the teeth and gums causing cavities. Ideally soft or medium and we say yes to electric toothbrushes. ”

Is baking soda the key to white teeth?
As for more homemade recipes, the classic one is the one with baking soda and salt. Besides, baking soda is contained in many toothpastes. Mr. Lolis is not negative, “Yes, it can have an effect, but this should not be done continuously.” emphasizes.

Avoid foods with bright colors
If you belong to the category of people who consume sauces with bright colors, such as tomatoes or fruits like blueberries, now you know what is wrong. Also known is the effect that some drinks have on our teeth, such as red wine, coffee and tea. It would be to brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking, while the solution could be cold coffee. Health is above all and we achieve this with our annual visit to the dentist and our daily involvement with proper dental hygiene. “If we do cosmetic surgery to get an even brighter and more impressive smile, we can. There are several solutions. From a bleach to porcelain or resin veneers depending on the case. Each patient also has an individualized treatment plan. ” adds Mr. Lolis. We thank Mr. Christos Lolis, dentist – implantologist, Scientific Director SDA / SSC / SDP.

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