Maximou vs. SYRIZA: Minority attempt to speculate politically on a pandemic |


The Prime Minister’s Press Office speaks of “SYRIZA’s petty partisan attempt to speculate politically on the pandemic” and reiterates that yesterday’s circular issued by the Holy Synod on the measures to be applied in the temples was made after consultation between the Prime Minister’s Office and of the Hierarchy of the Church.

This notice states the following:

“In SYRIZA they continue to lie unabashedly, as they have been doing for years. The government is seeking broader understanding to deal with the pandemic. It does the same with the Church from the first moment, it did the same now.

Following the consultation of the Office of the Prime Minister with the Hierarchy of the Church, yesterday’s circular of the Holy Synod was issued for the measures that will apply to the temples. An important public health issue was addressed through conciliation and understanding and not through enforcement measures as requested by SYRIZA and Mr. Tsipras.

This is the truth and whoever disputes it can only turn to the Church. He will definitely confirm it.

“The only thing that proves once again is the micro-partisan effort of SYRIZA to speculate politically on the pandemic”.


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