The Voice: Battles begin and coaches bring reinforcements – Trailer


Josephine, Stefanos Korkolis, Konstantinos Christoforou and Elli Kokkinou in the role of guest coach

Sta Battles of THE VOICE OF GREECE we are welcomed by George Lianos on Saturday February 4th and the coaches invite favorite artists as partners in their most difficult decisions.

During the preparation of the Battles, Mr Constantine Argyros will have her help Josephine while the Panos Mouzourakis will collude with him Stefano Korkolis.

THE Konstantinos Christoforou is coming to The Voice joining forces with her Helena Paparizou while the Sakis Rouvas welcomes her Elli Kokkinou.

Every coach has in his team twelve singers who will go up on the stage of The Voice of Greece in pairs, and will create great dilemmas for their mentors.

Loud voices in difficult matches that raise the bar and make it difficult for the coaches come in this phase while the right of steal is what can give some, a second chance!

In each episode, two coaches share the VOICE stage with their guests, in delightful duets.

This Saturday on the stage of THE VOICE OF GREECE we will enjoy Konstantinos Argyros with Josephine and Elena Paparizou with Konstantinos Christoforou.

Konstantinos Argyros and Josephine will appear with a powerful medley of their hits, while Elena Paparizou and Konstantinos Christoforou have chosen for their appearance on stage, Anna Vissi’s greatest hits as well as “Zoi mou”, a song set to music and lyrics by the artist.



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