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With a unique style, Glória Maria was also a fashion icon on Brazilian TV


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“The best wardrobe wasn’t the production one, but Glória Maria’s”. It is with this phrase that the costume coordinator of Globo’s journalism nucleus, Patricia Veiga, talks about the style of the journalist, who died on Thursday (2). In addition to the talent and interviews that marked the history of Brazilian television, the presenter dared on the fashion side and did not let herself be defined by anything or anyone.

Daughter of tailor Cosme Braga da Silva and housewife Edna Alves Matta, Glória knew very well what suited her well and what did not. That’s why, when she didn’t like the costumes that the production put together for her, she put her foot down and didn’t have an argument —but always with the utmost politeness and sympathy, characteristics invariably praised by those who knew her.

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It was not unusual for Glória to bring clothes from her personal collection to record Globo Repórter. “We didn’t dress Gloria, but helped her build and research. And that personality was reflected in the way she dressed. She loved belts, bare arms and bold colors, but always being careful about the color she wore, thinking how it would look on TV”, says Patricia, who has known the presenter since the 1970s.

Glória had a keen eye for fashion and a wardrobe that was both very Brazilian and international. She was never guided by what “is being worn” and, without ever failing to value national brands, she used to bring unique, exclusive pieces from her many trips around the world.

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Sophisticated brands, roadside shops, African craftsmen: she just had to bat her eyes and like it. Gloria made fashion her own – and she didn’t forget her friends.

“Once she gave me a tunic with great affection, I don’t remember if it was from a trip to India or Nepal. She loved it and had a collection of kaftans”, says Veiga. One of her passions was shoes. “She was a real collection. They were tall, very tall. Beautiful,” she recalls. On the other hand, odalisque style pants and very long and wide dresses did not go into her closet. She hated it.

Fashion editor and curator Lilian Pacce points out that Glória has always had body conscious, that is, total mastery and consciousness over one’s own body. She knew what suited her. If she had great legs and shoulders (what soap dishes!), why not show them off proudly?

Lilian also remembers that the journalist did not allow herself to be defined by external factors, such as age. As she herself said, this was not important information, so she never let ageism deprive her of wearing skirts, necklines or clothes that defined her body.

“Gloria’s style only improved over time, she learned to dress better and better. And she never let herself be carried away by the speech that says ‘older women can’t do that’. in an exuberant, intelligent and positive way”, he analyzes. “She always liked fashion, she loved fashion shows. She knew that fashion was a tool for communication”.

The journalist’s hair has changed a lot over time and in recent years the person who took care of it, especially before events and TV recordings, was makeup artist and hairstylist Fernando Torquatto.

“She liked the natural loose hair. It wasn’t anything with a lot of rule or finishing, it was messy and with volume. We used a curling iron and products to add shine”. Glória, however, was open to news. She took suggestions in a good way, like the time Torquatto tied her hair up for a photo shoot. “Later she told me that she loved it that way, that she had never used it that way.” The last conversation between the two was a month ago, when she said that she wanted to feel beautiful, to feel “herself”.

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