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The Hellenic Parliament bids farewell to Raphael’s “School of Athens”.


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The time has come for the tapestry depicting the ‘School of Athens’, one of Renaissance artist Raphael’s most famous frescoes, to return to the French National Assembly

After two years it was time for the tapestry, which depicts the “School of Athens”, one of the most famous frescoes by the Renaissance artist Raphael, to return to the French National Assembly.

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“We are parting with the tapestry but we are not estranged from its message” said the President of the Parliament, about the unique work that was hung in the peristyle directly opposite the entrance of the Plenary Session of the Parliament, at the point where the exhibition “Envisioning Freedom” began in the Hellenic Parliament 200 years later”.

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As Konstantinos Tasoulas explained, commemorating the work of Thanasis Petsalis Diomedes “Hellenic Orthros”, “spirit and culture were the decisive factor for the “salema” of the rebellion. Thanks to education, enlightenment and philhellenism, the uprising became easier. The Greeks come from that cradle of civilization that nurtured world civilization. It was thus realized, since Philhellenism started from archeology, that the descendants of this civilization cannot continue to live as slaves. Philhellenism was the revelation of a barbarism. Archaeology, along with enlightenment, have a dominant position in the emotions that caused the Revolution.”

Made of silk, gold and wool in the workshops of Paris between 1780 and 1783, the tapestry depicts Raphael’s great work “School of Athens”, with all the philosophers of ancient Greece, which is located in the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican and adorns a wall in the Signature Room.

The fresco was made by Raphael between 1510 and 1511 and 270 years later with a unique weaving technique, French artisans captured this unique painting on a carpet. As Mr. Tasoulas said, Raphael received the order to paint the “School of Athens” from the then head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Julius II.

“Plato, Aristotle, Thucydides, Aeschines, all the ancient sages face the plenary session of the Parliament as they also face the plenary session of the French National Assembly, wanting in this symbolic way, to achieve a transfusion of an unrepeatable spirit in the modern juncture”, noted the President of the Parliament, thanking both the President of the French National Assembly and the French Ambassador to Greece, Patrick Mezonav, for the grant of the tapestry, in the context of the Exhibition of the Parliament of the Greeks for the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution.

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