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Actor says Prince Harry lied when he said how he lost his virginity behind the pub


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Rupert Everett, 63, left everyone with a flea behind his ear when he revealed in an interview with the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph that he knows who Prince Harry, 38, lost his virginity to. Is that, according to the actor, it was not the way that the son of King Charles 3rd, 74, told in the memoir “Spare”.

In the work, released on January 10, Prince William’s brother, 40, claims that his first time was with “an older woman” who treated him like a “young stallion” and would have taken place in a field behind a ” busy pub”. But Everrett says that’s not exactly how it happened.

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“I know who the woman he lost his virginity to is,” he said in the interview, winking, according to the newspaper’s account. “And it wasn’t after a pub. And it wasn’t in this country. I’m just putting out what I know.”

The publication does not inform what would be the relationship between Everett and Harry. The actor has already been seen on two occasions, at public events, with the queen consort Camilla, who is the prince’s stepmother. To the Telegraph, a source close to him said that the actor would not have access to such a personal detail about Harry.

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Everett has also reported meeting Princess Margaret (1930-2002), Harry’s great-aunt, during his appearance on the Graham Norton Show in 2015. “Once, around 1986, I went to the theater with her and her lady company,” he revealed. “I was never invited back after she realized there were two princesses there – and one of them was me.”

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