BBB 23: Cristian is the fastest and wins the Prova do Anjo; see who won the monster


Entrepreneur Cristian, 35, won the Prova do Anjo contest held this Saturday afternoon (4th) at BBB 23 (Globo). He was the fastest person to finish the Seara test, he could immunize a participant in this Sunday’s vote (5) and put two people in the monster’s punishment: Amanda and MC Guimê. Cristian also chose three people to accompany him at the angel’s lunch: Marvvila, Cezar Black and Sarah Aline.

In the angel dispute, participants needed to find six packages of lasagna in a maze and, once that was done, assemble the seven layers of a giant lasagna in the correct order. Before the start, a draw was made to decide who would be left out of the race. Only six participants competed in the Angel: Bruna Griphao, Cristian, Fred, Fred Nicácio, Larissa and MC Guimê.

The final time of the test was calculated by deducting bonuses of ten seconds less for those who pressed buttons that were distributed throughout the maze. Larissa was first and finished the dynamic with 151 seconds. Then it was Cristian’s turn, whose total time was 106 seconds. The third to compete, Fred, completed the race in 137 seconds and the fourth participant, Bruna, did it in 201 seconds. Guimê was fifth and his final time was 176 seconds. The last participant, Fred Nicácio, did it in 172 seconds.

Right after Cristian finished the test, Larissa noticed that her brother had done a better time than her and started to cry. The labyrinth’s curves hindered many participants, who, even quickly finding the six lasagnas, took time to find the exit.

Cristian was welcomed after the race with joy and euphoria by the allies of the Fundo do Mar room. After putting on the angel’s necklace, he had to choose two people for the “Knitting” monster, made for people who love to stir up gossip or intrigue. The two punished, Amanda and MC Guimê, will have to spend all their time wearing a ball of yarn and holding knitting needles. At the sound signal, they should go to the lawn to catch up on their knitting.

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