Survivor All Star: Cauldron that “boils” the beach of the blue ones


The tensions on Machito beach after the departure of Kostas Anagnostopoulos are not going to end. Who is doing chores and who is sitting? How will his departure work for the team?

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The new week starts tonight at 21.00 with the first immunity match. The Blues have lost all immunity from last week and need to get back to winning ways not only to not risk losing another player but also for the food that comes with victory.

Will they succeed or will the Reds’ winning streak continue?

A race with twists, tension and passion will lead a team to the ballot box. In the council, fair play is again a topic of conversation, while the players’ choices about who they will match create an atmosphere… warlike. What will the ballot box produce?

SURVIVOR ALL STAR: it’s not a game, it’s survival!
Sunday to Thursday at 21.00





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