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The zodiac today, Monday, February 6, 2023


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Today is a day that favors action, from visions to action. But you should be firm in your goals and not give up trying with the first problems. Try not to disappoint loved ones who may need your support. It would be extremely unfair to them, since they also stood up for you.

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Quite a difficult day today. People from the family environment will resent you. Also watch out for scams! Towards the evening, the day becomes somewhat illusory and there is a risk of arguing with third parties due to meaningless misunderstandings. Don’t force your opinions in a combative way. A new friend can be very useful to you.

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Do not tire your nervous system and find an outlet for relaxation. Financial deals and partnerships can be easily reached. It is an excellent time to make decisions about your financial affairs. Secret deals, contracts and investments await you. The day is favorable to discuss your personal needs and desires.


Difficult day, with events that upset you at times! However, it is not a good idea to give up on your efforts. Light on the horizon appears with interesting conversations, which will open without realizing it the door to something new in your professional life! Sorting out your to-do list and prioritizing can help you unblock your mind.


The planetary setting will not bring you a mother from heaven, nor will the machine god take care of your financial problems. Roll up your sleeves and realistically plan the movements that will relieve you. You feel quite vulnerable and need the love and support of those around you, especially your loved ones. It’s a day and it will pass…


Shake off unnecessary burdens and re-evaluate your goals based on current data. Perhaps there will be a final break with a friendly person and the interruption of your relations. Maybe it’s better when the time comes when relationships wear out. Your communication mainly with your partner is favoured. Open your heart and tell him how you feel about him.


You should be flexible, as some extraordinary event can throw your schedule up and down. Do not get irritated and adapt to the data of the moment. For those in love or engaged, today is a very beautiful day, as the planetary setting favors romantic escapes and outings.


The stars will bring obstacles and delays in the professional and emotional fields. Keep your temper and don’t escalate things with arguments. Changes are often useful, but in your case they could not deliver what you plan. Be careful in your movements. Handle your affairs discreetly.


Do not get involved in the problems of those around you, because you will become evil. It is better to take your time and focus on solving your own personal problems. The day, however, lends itself to conversations and admission of feelings. Don’t be afraid to open up emotionally and admit your feelings.


You may feel somewhat uncomfortable in the workplace, which will be due to the way colleagues or partners will treat you. Find a way to coexist harmoniously with them, because this is not the right time for changes on a professional level. Spend some time with the people around you, even if they are not people you feel particularly close to. They need your good word or your advice to overcome some difficulties.


With enthusiasm and an optimistic attitude, you can take on the handling of a case, with an extremely positive result! Put weight on your effort to advance your business plans in the future. But beware of secret meetings. There is a risk that you will be irreparably exposed in the future… Towards evening the atmosphere is livelier and you strongly feel the need for action and change.


Today you can be the recipient of a lot of love if you allow it… Be sure to listen carefully to what others are telling you and don’t rush to do your own thing… You should be realistic about your career aspirations. Don’t aim too high, because disappointment will overtake you.

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