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A family was trapped in the snow in Anogeia – Which roads in Crete have a problem due to snowfall


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The Fire Department moved them from Sisarcha to Anogeia – See which roads in Crete need anti-skid chains and which are closed due to snowfall

Trapped a family was found in the snow at night, as a result of which the Fire Service had to be notified. The family with their car was in Sisarcha, at 1.30 after midnight, and could not move due to the snow, which reached 5 cm, and in fact, despite the strict warning, they did not have anti-skid chains.

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The Fire Department rushed and moved the family to Anogeia, avoiding the worst. However, the mechanism was mobilized for … 5 km and due to the blindness of the citizens they found themselves in a mountainous area, without the necessary supplies.

It is pointed out that by law it is prohibited to travel to mountainous destinations without anti-skid chains, while as announced yesterday, vehicles of all categories must be equipped with anti-skid chains or other similar anti-skid means as follows:

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* In the Regional Unit of Heraklion throughout the road network.
* In the Regional Unit of Rethymno:
• Throughout the road network of the Municipality of Anogeia
• In the Provincial, from the local community of Spiliou to the local community of Gerakari
• On the provincial road from the local community of Myriokefala to the intersection with Vilandredos.
* In the Chania Regional Unit, the obligation to supply anti-skid chains or other similar anti-skid means will come into force from 15:00 today (05.02.2023) and concerns vehicle owners of all categories who intend to drive on the following road network:
• Provincial road Chania-Fourne-Omalos (From the local community of Fourne to Omalos.
• Provincial road Chania-Meskla-Theriso (From the local community of Fourne to Theriso).
• Provincial road Chania-Perivolia-Theriso (From the local community of Perivolia to Theriso).
• Provincial road Chania-Nerokourou-Theriso (From the local community of Drakonas-Theriso)
• Provincial road Vryses-Askyfou-Choras Sfakion (From Krapi to Sfakia).
• On the local and provincial road network from Palea Roumata to Riahori of the Municipality of Kantanos Selinos.
* In the Lassithi Regional Unit throughout the road network.

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