Anitta fans insult Samara Joy after she won the Grammy: ‘Give back the award’


After seeing Anitta defeated at the Grammys by Samara Joy, Brazilian fans began to fill the 23-year-old jazz artist’s last post with offensive comments.

“Anitta is worldwide and you are not”, wrote Danielbessanttos’ profile. “Give back Anitta’s award”, posted the Brazilian José Diogo Cotrim. “To be a revelation it has to be revealed”, opined Opsmanta. Other Brazilians posted vomit emojis, spoke of “theft” and said she didn’t deserve to win. There were even those who said that “Brazil hates you”.

However, there were Brazilians who knew how to face Anitta’s defeat and criticized the attitude of the others. “Fans of Anitta, as always, making Brazil ashamed. You are used to the Multishow award that Anitta wins because you do a joint effort of votes. At the Grammy, the person with the most talent wins, and not the most followers”, wrote Lucas’ profile Paiva.

Anitta lost the award for revelation artist at the Grammy, the most important award in the music industry, given to Samara Joy. The 65th edition of the ceremony took place this Sunday night (5), in Los Angeles, in the United States.

After Astrud Gilberto in 1965, she was the second Brazilian woman to be nominated for this, which is one of the four main categories of the award — in addition to album, recording and song of the year. She competed with names like the rapper Latto, the group Wet Leg, the singer Omar Apollo and the band Maneskin, from the hit ‘Beggin'”.

The singer, who has maintained a successful career in Brazil for at least ten years, was recognized for the award after exploding with “Envolver”, a song that went viral on TikTok and climbed to the top of the list of most listened to songs in the world on Spotify. It was the first time that a Brazilian achieved the feat.

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