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Camila Pitanga talks about bisexuality and opinion on monogamy: ‘I don’t want any of that’


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Actress Camila Pitanga, 45, recalled previous relationships, experiences with old loves and bisexuality. Dating Patrick Pessoa, a professor of philosophy at UFF (Fluminense Federal University), for almost two years, she also told about the beginning of the two’s courtship — and claims that, when she is in love, she is “electrified”.

“At first, we hadn’t even hooked up yet, it wasn’t even an official date, and he went to lunch at my house and gave me a poetry book as a gift called ‘O Menor Amor do Mundo’, by Rafael Zacca. We read an excerpt and it reminded me of a poem that I am completely passionate about, by Ana Martins Marques. I went there, got her book and it ended up becoming a date. And, look, what a wonderful date!”, she says.

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Pitanga also comments on his almost two-year relationship with artisan Beatriz Coelho, and claims that it was a “love meeting”. “My story with Bia, for example, was a love affair, totally in love, and we stayed together for almost three years. But that’s it, it had its curve, its path and I have a lot of respect for what I lived with her “, he says in an interview with Marie Claire.

Although there are other relationship models, Camila says that she and Pessoa are living a “conventional” relationship. “I know that open relationships can create a very interesting repertoire of reinvention and discovery, but I don’t want any of that”, she advances.

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“I want the depth and richness that exist in being together, which is also very challenging. I am living a very full, rich love, with a vibration of passion”, he explains. But she adds that, despite the love, she doesn’t want to get married.

“We don’t want to put everything together. We have a conscious pact about this. Dating is very good. I may contradict myself later on, but now I just want to be a girlfriend. I don’t want to have a closed family, I want to date”,

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