Grammy 2023: Harry Styles hits back at critics of his win – There is no ‘best’ in music


Twitter users expressed their displeasure with Styles’ win, pointing out that Beyonce for the fourth time did not take home the award

Harry Styles has hit back at claims he shouldn’t have won a Grammy Award for Album of the Year. The singer won several trophies at the 2023 ceremony, but his triumph in the night’s most coveted category, for the album ‘Harry’s House’, divided music fans.

Beyoncé for ‘Renaissance’ or Adele for ’30’ were widely tipped to win the Grammy, with Harry Styles’ win surprising those at the music awards ceremony, the majority of whom could be heard chanting the name of Beyoncé.

Harry Styles when he was backstage was asked about it.

“You never know with these things,” he said in a video shared on social media. “I don’t think you can look at the candidates and not feel they deserve it,” he added.

“I feel like when you look—when I look—in this category, it’s all people who have inspired me at different times. I am really grateful that they chose us. Thank you” said the English singer.

“I think on nights like tonight it’s important for us to remember that there is no ‘best’ in music. I don’t think any of us are sitting in the studio making decisions based on whether we’re going to win one of these,” Harry Styles said, referring to the Grammy he was holding for the album “Harry’s House.”

But the last sentence of his speech sparked backlash from social media users, who gave different interpretations: “That doesn’t happen very often to people like me and that’s so, so cool. Thank you very much” said Harry Styles, before handing the microphone to his partners, Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson.

Twitter users expressed their displeasure at Styles’ win for Album of the Year, pointing out that Beyoncé missed out on the award for the fourth time.

Some questioned what the singer meant by “people like me,” as he was a white male artist nominated in the same category as women and artists of color.

Styles’ fans were quick to defend him, explaining that by “people like me” he was referring to his start on reality competition ‘The X Factor’.


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