Luiza Brunet remembers ‘I touch’ Pelé and says that Roberto Carlos attracts her: ‘Call me, I’ll go’


The year 2023 marks the return of the “old normal” to the Carioca Carnival, and the presence of Luiza Brunet dancing, smiling and shaking the crowd amidst the rhythmists of a samba school is irrefutable proof of this. Life took its course.

At the invitation of Portela, where she paraded at the head of the drums for 11 years, she will join other personalities who were part of the history of the blue and white club in Madureira and will come “very discreet”, in her own words. “I’m almost in a burqa, very dressed up”, announces the actress and former model, who spent half of her 60 years, proudly declared, parading as queen of drums in Rio’s associations. Only in Imperatriz Leopoldinense were almost two decades.

The last time at the Sambódromo in Rio was in 2017, as a highlight of the Imperatriz herself. “I missed it”, admits the muse of Camarote Allegria. In the following interview, Brunet talks about his expectations for the fashion show, tells why he opted for a costume “that hides more than it shows”, recalls the day he was hit on by Pelé (“He was shooting all over the place “), and talks about her crush on Roberto Carlos, the “crush” of her life. “All he has to do is say ‘Come here, Luiza, and I’ll go'”, he guarantees.

Were you surprised by Portela’s invitation?

I never imagined that I would be able to return, Portela was the first place where I paraded as godmother of drums, I was very happy. It is a school that has an absurd tradition. I thought the invitation was wonderful, but I said: ‘I’m not going to show in costume, I’m not going to wear a bikini. I’m going in a burqa, okay?’ They did.

But why so much discretion?

Look, I come very discreet, super dressed. Overdressed (emphatic). Basically it’s a long dress. I’m 60 years old, I think I could, if I wanted, have worked out a lot and put my body outside. But life is so made up of moments, and it’s good to experience different things. So at this moment I will feel much more comfortable with myself if I continue with this image of Luiza Brunet as an elegant and discreet woman. It wouldn’t fit for me now to put my leg out, everything out, and go bouncing off.

You seem proud of your age. Does it sound sexist to you when they say, ‘It doesn’t look like it’? Do you think they would say the same thing to a man, for example? Oh, I love it. This machismo I accept. You’re welcome! This round number doesn’t bother me at all. I never lied about my age. the other day I was waiting to board the air shuttle, I was in the elderly queue. And then there was a mini fight because a woman told me to get out of there. I had to show my identity card, everyone was laughing. I don’t think the passing of time is bad. My mother is 81 years old and has a boyfriend, she has sex with him.

On this return to Carnival, you will parade alongside other former queens, such as Sheron Menezzes and Adriane Galisteu. Is there or has there ever been any rivalry between you?

No. Not with me, because I never had this philosophy of competitiveness, of the most beautiful costume. I always thought that everyone has their place. Even when I left Portela, and I never understood why I left, but anyway, Galisteu who took my place.

And was it okay?

Yes, I even went to talk to her at the beginning of the avenue because I was leaving right away. It’s all right. These are moments when the school considers that it should change, and it goes there and changes. But it is a legacy that we leave.

Despite the advances, do you consider that women are still objectified, even more so at Carnival?

For sure. There is a lot of violence in Carnival, which in a way promotes this because women sometimes drink a little too much, they are more vulnerable. There is greater harassment. It’s hard to be a woman, not just here. The whole world has this kind of approachbut here it is worse.

Per what?

Because in Brazil women are more exuberant, free, beautiful, sensual, and then there is this wrong culture that Brazilian women are more available. Perhaps it is safer, so this provides this approach wrong of men.

And how to deal with this problem specifically at this time of year?

If it really bothers the woman, she has to call 911 immediately. But it’s not because the man looked at the woman that he has to frame the guy. This is boring. When the harassment is rigorous, if you pass your hand, it bothers you, then yes. In the box, I’m going to raise this issue that Carnival doesn’t mean that you’re available for anyone to pass a hand, putting a hand on our waist.

Has it ever happened to you? Yes, of course. You think I haven’t been harassed my whole life? But many times, before this moment that we live today, it was more difficult to realize that it was harassment. The guy would call the woman hot, stick out his tongue, make that gesture, or [nos casos em que] she’s on the bus, he leans over and ejaculates. Even that sort of thing was naturalized. We didn’t know that this was harassment. I lived through all of that but I just thought: “Ah, what a disgusting face, what a pervert. Today we know that it is no longer acceptable and we demand respect.

How is the process going in which you accuse your ex, Lírio Parisotto, of physically attacking you?

My process went to the STJ, in Brasília, there was a decision to return it to São Paulo, so that 17 points that were not taken into account could be reviewed. The previous decision was then annulled, returning to square one. But it was important for me to have fought for my rights, there are Brazilian women who are afraid to face justice. It takes time, it is often recognized that women have rights, but precisely because we have a sexist judiciary, they end up having problems, it takes longer.

You became a reference in the issue of women’s rights and the fight against femicide. Yes, and I’m super proud because I could have fallen into that commonplace of “Oh, I got it, I’m going to keep quiet because it’s better, I’m ashamed to tell”. That’s what matters most, especially when you’re a beauty reference, married to a rich guy, in a relationship that seemed to be a beautiful thing. It took me a while to take action but we have to be strong, we can’t be victimizing ourselves our whole lives.

Shortly after Pelé’s death, the cover of Manchete magazine with you, him and Xuxa was again the subject… (…When he hit on me, complete, laughing)

Initially Pelé would have hit on you. Xuxa, whom he also met that day and with whom he ended up dating, was, let’s say, plan B. Do you remember that?

It’s true, but I was married, I was 17 years old. We made this cover at a friend’s house, in Copacabana, on a penthouse. He was young, seductive, a charm. Really charming. But I wasn’t available, I had recently been married, I was super in love, I was a model and then I would come home to wash, iron and cook. And Pelé was Pelé! (emphatic). So I got scared. But he saw that it wasn’t going to happen. Then that same day he became interested in Xuxa. He was kind of shooting all over the place (laughs).

So there was nothing with Pelé?

No, nothing. Not that he hadn’t tried. I’ve always been married, straight.

And with Roberto Carlos?

Roberto Carlos? Ah, Roberto Carlos I love to this day. But we also had nothing. I’ve never been on the cruise but I’ve been to hundreds of shows, I’ve participated in a clip of it which is very good: I go into a room and come out pregnant, hahahaha. He is the crush of my life. My love, even today, aged 81, if he says ‘Luiza, come to me’, I will. I’m in line.

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