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Live the speech of Alexis Tsipras in the plenary session of the Parliament


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On the floor of the Parliament, the president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras

Watch live the speech of the official opposition leader, Alexis Tsipras:

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With reference to the devastating earthquakes in Turkey, the president of SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, began his speech, saying that Greece will stand by.

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The government chooses to bring to parliament, in pre-election time, an announcement from the TIF. It concerns part of the armed forces and was delayed seven months to come before the elections. Mr. Mitsotakis took to the podium to take advantage of the national security debate to attack his political opponents. To exploit those who fight death everyday, How long will you put national security in the arena, say you are the only patriot in here. These were the arguments of the post-racial right. Do you go with these? Do you consider yourself a patron of the armed forces? Is that why you had them wired? To protect them? Quit the hypocrisy about how much of a patriot you are and how unphilanthropic we your political opponents are? What more can separate the concept of an enemy from a political opponent, when you leave insinuations of condescension? You, when we signed an agreement on our northern border and went hand in hand with those you now want to exclude, accused us of national betrayal. And in fact a few days after the death of our two Icarus, who should have united us. We saw MPs trying to make a patriotism contest. we consider it the ultimate barbarism to put these issues in the pre-election debate. You laugh about defense spending, as if you are paying it out of your own pocket. Don’t want the review? Do you want to decide without criticism and dialogue?

The armed forces are primarily manpower. In 2018, when Barbaros violated the Greek EEZ, we had neither Rafale nor Belhara. On the Nikiforos Fokas frigate the men and women did their duty and blocked the Barbaros. The men and women with the coat of arms who are ready to give their lives for the Motherland, this is the strength of the armed forces. What did you do for them? A bill that addresses one of the demands of an industry? what about the others? They are rightfully upset. When you decide to give an allowance, you give it everywhere in all branches. What have you done for care? The fleet allowance you announced seven months ago and are now bringing. And the payroll for 2024, but the elections are in between. Don’t make such promises, you won’t be able to fulfill them, you won’t be in the prime minister’s position in 2024. When we were a government, we converted the last euro.

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