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BBB 23: ‘We have our differences’, says Cristian to Domitila


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After being pointed out as a fake player by Larissa Santos during another hot BBB 23 night, Cristian Vanelli decided to talk to Domitila Barros this Tuesday (7). The businessman confessed that he does not like the model’s “good vibes” style and spoke ill of the sister to the brothers of the fourth Deserto. He also assumed he was sorry for the mess he created with his group and apologized to the woman from Pernambuco.

“The only thing past was that I don’t like this business [good vibes] because I’m not like that, neither here nor out there. And I will not change. Because I know people out there who are exactly like this: ‘People, energy’ and when that person arrives, that person is extremely heavy, extremely bad at heart. Suddenly this comparison was bad. Other than that, I didn’t say anything. We have our differences, but I have no disrespect for you”, began Cristian about the controversy caused by the member of Pipoca.

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Domitila then vented. “About this issue of you not liking the ‘good vibes’, I totally understand. I prefer that you don’t like the ‘good vibes’ than other characteristics that I have that are much worse. I understand that you think you didn’t disrespect me but, in this general context, if you look at my side and your side, it hurt me. I wasn’t disappointed, I was really sad”, confessed the model.

Cristian decided to end the conversation. “I’m not going to change what I am. In the morning I cried a lot. It’s really a hurt that I have internally about it, I wouldn’t want it to be like that, but it is. We know they won’t be best friends. I’ll respect you, we’re going to play together, we’re in the same group and that’s it”, he concluded.

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