Jennifer Lopez “trolls” her fans about Ben Affleck’s “happy” face


Singer Teases Fans With All Her Ben Affleck Goofs And Facial Expressions On Grammy Night

Jennifer Lopez has a sense of humor and knows the publicity game very well. The famous singer after the bad loss that happened with her husband at the Grammy Awards ceremony decided to “troll” her fans.

So, on Thursday, February 9, Lopez took to social media to share a newly released trailer for the movie AIR, which she directed and stars in. Ben Affleck.

“AIR … can’t wait!” he wrote on social media. As the video begins, the screen reads like a title: “My husband’s happy face” and shows Affleck with a “blank” expression on his face.

It’s clear that Jennifer Lopez is playing a prank on her fans with all of the fun she’s had over Ben Affleck and his facial expressions on Grammy night.

As the “Deep Water” star accompanied his wife to music’s biggest night, his facial expressions caught the eye of onlookers, who felt like he wanted to be anywhere but the Grammys. For a man of his stature, simply being fed up with the people around him and being treated as “booty” is a normal reaction. Ben Affleck looks exhausted and overwhelmed. For him, the Grammy Awards ceremony is, quite simply, boring.

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