Viih Tube is sick after attacks on the web and reassures fans: ‘It was just a scare’


Viih Tube, 22, used social media this Friday (10) to reassure his followers about his health status. The former BBB said that she felt sick and ended up in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro after suffering attacks on the internet. She also revealed that Eliezer, 32, left São Paulo to accompany her in the final stretch of pregnancy with the duo’s first daughter.

“Look who’s here cuddling me. I was sad about some things on the internet and ended up feeling sick on Tuesday. I went to a hospital here in Rio with very high blood pressure. On Wednesday I woke up with him here. Thank God , everything is fine. It was just a scare “, he explained.

In recent days, the couple became the target of criticism after the revelation that their daughter, Lua, will only have her mother’s last name and that the decision came from Eliezer himself. The two were very uncomfortable with some messages and Viih got sick with the attacks of the haters. Some netizens accused the influencer of wanting to leave the father out of the girl’s identity. Another group came to doubt the desire to be Eli’s father.

“That was a decision that came from me. Viih even insisted that I use it, but her name will be Lua Di Felice, which means ‘moon of happiness’. My last name in the middle would ‘cut’, and in the end, the ‘of happiness’ or ‘Di Felice’, would become a supporting character, since the rule is always the first and last name”, assured the publicist on social networks.

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