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BBB 23: Amanda, Bruno Gaga, MC Guimê and Paula face off at Paredão


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The dynamics of this week’s Paredão caught fire. Voting was open and left participants off guard. Bruno Gaga was already walled, as he was nominated by Big Fone by Gustavo. Leader Gustavo nominated MC Guimê. Key Alves had the Joker Power and nominated Paula. The most voted by the house was Fred Nicácio and the second Amanda.

In the test Bate-Volta, participated Amanda, Bruno Gaga and Fred Nicácio, but the doctor was saved. Thus, the wall ended up formed with Amanda, Bruno Gaga, MC Guimê and Paula.

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Amanda, angel of the week, immunized Aline Wirley, so she cannot be voted on by the other participants. Sapato Face was also immunized, as she won the Proof of the Angel alongside the doctor.


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Amanda nominated Fred Nicácio

Ricardo nominated Fred Nicácio

Bruna Griphao nominated Fred Nicácio

Aline Wirley nominated Fred Nicácio

Marvvila nominated Amanda

Cezar nominated Amanda

MC Guimê nominated Fred Nicácio

Key Alves nominated Amanda

Cristian nominated Fred Nicácio

Gabriel Santana nominated Amanda

Fred Nicácio nominated Amanda

Cara de Sapato nominated Fred Nicácio

Larissa nominated Fred Nicácio

Fred nominated Fred Nicácio

Domitila nominated Cristian

Sarah Aline nominated Cristian

Paula nominated Fred Nicácio

Bruno nominated Fred Nicácio

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