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Jason Sudeikis and his ex-partner, Olivia Wildewere sued by their former nanny, who revealed that working with them was exhausting and caused her “extreme stress.”

Ericka Genaro stated that she was struggling with her mental health following the couple’s split in 2020, as she – seemingly – had to choose sides between the two parents. That, at least, is what the court documents, filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday, February 14, say.

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The nanny appears, according to court documents, to have become increasingly stressed by Sudeikis’ tendency to require her to stay up at night, after the children had gone to bed, but he wanted someone to talk to. Mrs. Genaro felt obliged to participate in the discussions, although she did not wish to.

It is worth noting that the couple has two children, Otis Alexander and Daisy Josephine.

The nanny also claimed she was fired because of her mental health and her request to be absent from work for three days while she had a doctor’s note. Ericka Genaro has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit.