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Giovanna Lancellotti intensifies samba classes for Carnival: ‘I don’t want to just say goodbye’


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Leonardo Volpato

Oh the love! It was this feeling that made Giovanna Lancellotti, 29, decide to face the challenge of parading for the first time in a samba school at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Her boyfriend, Gabriel David, a fanatic Beija-Flor fan, had a part in convincing her to accept being featured in the opening car next Monday (20th), in Sapucaí.

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“I never felt like part of a group, despite always admiring the party. Two years ago, when I started dating, I was gradually inserted into the community of Nilópolis, I started going to rehearsals and that became part of my life”, says the singer. actress in chat F5. Last year, she had paraded at school, but in a director’s outfit. “I still didn’t feel ready,” she confesses.

Only in 2023, everything changed. The actress does an “intensivão” with samba classes every week. “I went in headfirst and I’m blistered but loving it,” she laughs. “The Dance of the Famous [do qual participou em 2019] helped me, but my samba was never very correct. Now I’m evolving. I don’t just want to say good-bye on the Avenue”, reinforces the diligent student.

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Giovanna will parade in a very important space. Her mother-in-law, Fabiola David, was a highlight of Beija-Flor for more than 30 years and offered her position to her daughter-in-law, who accepted the honor. “I don’t know if I’ll make history like her, but everyone says it’s addictive and that I’ll never be able to stop modeling.”

Unlike last year, this year’s costumes will be more daring and “with a body on display”, according to the actress. Despite still being a mystery, the costume will have shades of gold and will refer to fire and justice. The association contests the date of the Independence of Brazil in the plot “Brava Gente! The cry of the excluded in the Bicentennial of Independence”.

The actress guarantees that her boyfriend won’t be jealous when all eyes turn to her at Marquês de Sapucaí. “I’m more straight forward than Gabriel when it comes to these things. As he was born in this environment, nothing is a problem. Sometimes, we don’t even see it as sensuality, but as an artistic representation”, she says.

Gabriel confirms: “Her costume is beautiful, of course I gave my thoughts on the material, but nothing related to size or anything else. I live inside a shed and there is no room for mistrust in our relationship”, he explains.

“Seeing Gi in the wing car will be a special moment and will have a great symbolism of joining two giant passions: her and Beija-Flor”, concludes the passionate boyfriend.

Source: Folha

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